In order to attain her mission of putting the kids first, The Big Bang Theory actress Mayim Bialik celebrates Passover with her ex, Michael Stone. Since simply, her sons want to.

The coParents cater to their two sons by honoring rule number one – celebrate where the kids want, whether it be at dad or mom’s house.

The Jewish holiday runs from April 10 to 18th this year. Many coParents wonder how to prepare a smooth celebration. Bialik has said that she is grateful for a cooperative relationship with another coParent. They make it child-centric.

When speaking of Passover last year, she told the website that she would be, “fulfilling her motherly duties by sacrificing her personal desires for the sake of her children’s.”

This is great advice for all coParents. She added, “I guess, in a way, I’ll be spending this Passover in true spirit of the holiday, since I’ll be literally suffering for my kids, which is what the holiday is actually about.”

Go Mayim!