In order to raise your child in a cooperative manner, coParents should consider a coParenting agreement. It really helps to keep the focus on the one that matters most – your child.

The written agreement nurtures the child when his or her parents call it quits.

For the never married coParents, it is best to construct an agreement about the child. If the breakup goes sour, then there is a firm document set in place.

Creating guidelines helps to keep a child feel grounded, safe and cared for.

Each unmarried coParent should consider the following:

  1. What will be the child’s legal last name.
  2. Which parent has legal custody or will there be joint custody.
  3. In case of emergency, who has legal procedures for the long term?
  4. Feature maternal and paternal information within the agreement, so that the child may receive secure financial support.

When creating the agreement, there are numerous points to keep in mind: education; extra-curricular activities; childcare; dating rules; discipline; parental expectations; emergency guidelines and education.

Other important topics to include in the agreement include: residential scheduling; plans for visitation; gift-giving guidelines; last testament and will and more.