Confusing as it may sound, there are situations when a person is forced to coParent with the perpetrator who sexually assaulted them.

Journalist Lisa Ling takes this subject head on for CNN, featuring a story on this subject. Legal rights were granted to a rapist of a woman, who birthed their child. Now she must coParent with this man.

The victim is Noemi, an 18-year-old who lives in Nebraska, where the parental rights laws make her establish visits with her child and her attacker. All ordered by the court.

Noemi fears for the safety and life of her daughter. The attack of the rape occurred in 2011, following a shift at a restaurant, when a co-worker invited her over and then attacked her. This attacker asked for visitation rights five months after the birth.

The attacker now has unsupervised visits with their daughter. Noemi is terrified.

The story is the same across numerous states in the nation, where women are made to coParent with their rapists and laws do not protect rape victims from custody rights. States including New Mexico, Wyoming, North Dakota, Minnesota, Mississippi, Alabama and more. According to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network, women are stepping forward with their truths, in hopes of changing laws.

To learn more about Noemi’s story, visit this CNN page.

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