Feeling angry is a normal response to situations in life. However, it is important to work through this emotion and reach a calm state of mind.

Attaining a calmness is good for you and those around you. If the anger is experienced often, hard to shake and puts you in a bad mood often, it becomes hard to navigate through life. If your anger is consistently being expressed towards others that hurts them, this is also a problem.

Over a long period of time, anger takes its toll. Health problems may occur down the line, and relationships may crumble. It’s important to take steps as soon as possible, to attain tranquility and sensible actions towards others, especially our coParent, child, friend and ex. It is also important to let go of anger, so we do not cause our children to have ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).

To try to attain this happiness and let go of anger, there are some steps to try.

First, aim at pinpointing the situation or problem that is making you angry. Anger is most likely a reaction to being afraid, sad, disappointed, or the like. Try to talk to a trusted friend or relative to let the air out, discuss your problem and work on ways to solve the issue. Strategize with anyone who can lend a thoughtful ear and suggestions. Even a school counselor. Trusting someone new and opening up can help you make new friends as well.

It is also really helpful to keep a daily journal. Writing it out is as good as talking it out. Every night before going to bed, making a list of about 10 things you are grateful for in your life also helps elevate the mood.