When it comes to solving family conflict, it is said that litigation is not designed very well. Mediation is a suggested choice, to avoid litigation and gives the coParent total control over the dispute.

For the dividing couple, there may be numerous disagreements. These may include the journey of creating a parenting plan, a claim of negligence, dividing assets of the family and more. When in litigation, coParents meet with apposing forces and their representatives, meet before a jury or judge, who then decide their fate.

With mediation, the coParents take their power back. The children and coParents each have their own plans and needs in mind and should aim at developing their own plan to make it all work.

coParents want to aim for a plan that is focused on the child. It achieves a more peaceful setting and is the more flexible plan.

Some coParents may question why they should take the road of mediation. Here are some key reasons in support of it.

  1. Mediation protects a family’s privacy. If and when a couple ventures into litigation, it is a court process in public.
  2. Matters are not discussed outside of the mediation. coParents can feel confident that the information is discussed safely.
  3. Working together, not against each other, is a goal of mediation. Reaching agreements, for the sake of the children is a goal.
  4. Peace is a state of mind. Less conflict and more agreements reap less stress and an increased peaceful state.
  5. More money in the bank! No lawyers, no court time, no lost work.

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