Healthy growth and development of our children includes essential physical activity.

As coParents, we all want our children to be their healthiest. If they are not experiencing play time or recess at school, we must make time for it.

“For kids, you have to give them space for a lot of physical activity,” advised Katrina Miller, MD. “The key about kids is, any time they are not doing something, get them out there to run around and have fun. Something outside or that is active. They need to burn off steam. They have highly metabolic little bodies that are burning through all that food and creating a lot of energy. Energy that they need to burn off. If they don’t burn it off outside, they will do it inside your house. To see what is truly recommended, I would advise viewing the information with the age group of your child on the American Association for Pediatrics website.”

By keeping physical activities in daily schedules, children have lower the risk of illnesses; stronger bones and muscles, which decreases injuries; healthier hearts, lungs and weight; lower blood pressure and more. The child is also more likely and able to handle physical activity on demand (elevator’s down!) and is also more emotionally stable (less breakdown episodes). There is also a decreased chance of developing type 2 diabetes.

In order to achieve optimum results, aim the arrow in the direction your kid wants to go. The wide range of activities are endless. Start out by taking the little ones on your favorite activities as coParents.

If the kids don’t follow in your footsteps, try something new. It’s all about the kids and having fun. Trust me, they will surprise you! (Author note: We took our little three-year-old skiing over the holidays and her repeated word was, “Again! Again!”)

The advice in this article is found upon numerous medical websites. The information is supported by Katrina Miller, MD; family physician; Chief of Medical Informatics at LA Care Health Plan.