Toddlers need kind transitions, especially at school. They should also enjoy school as much as possible. coParents can help.

Debbie Ficarra, owner of La Canada Preschool in California, offered some tips and tricks for coParents. This week’s topic is, “The Importance of Getting Along.”

“We have had coParents who do not get along at all and let their feelings keep them from speaking to each other at school with the child,” Ficarra said. “It is best to try their hardest to get along in front of the child.”

Top Three Tips for coParents Who Do Not Get Along

  1. Try to attend events together. The school meetings, art shows, open houses and other child events. At least both of you are there for the child and they will see that.
  2. Let your child know who is picking them up when. Kids get nervous if they do not know where they are going, whether it be mommy or daddy’s house.
  3. Communicate with the child and the school about which days each parent cares for the child.
  4. Schedules are good. Try not to change it. Children get upset by that. And that leads to more coParent arguing.